David Ebraheim

Founder and CEO


David Ebraheim advises companies in the areas of automation and data collection. He focuses in particular on the ethical aspects and sustainable consequences of the use of individual data. Ebraheim also promotes early awareness of data collection, explaining it in schools and on the international stage. He is committed to a fair world in which Big Data is used for the purposes of progress.

Experience: SCRUM Master, Automation, Big Data, Risk Manager ISO27000/COSO, Speaker, Author

Aleksandar Lazic

CTO & Co-Founder


Aleksandar Lazic advises companies in the areas of containerization and Kubernetes/OpenShift. His main focus is on maximising the efficiency of resources. Aleks also advocates early awareness of your data protection and never tires of explaining why you should pay attention to the distribution of your own data.

Experience: IT Background since 1999, Award of nginXpert 2015, Kubernetes and OpenShift Expert since 2015