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Concierge storages support you in your everyday world! Get the feeling of a 5-star experience right up to your doorstep or surprise your loved ones with attention you get from our Orage box and same-day concierge service within Vienna. With our web app, you reserve your Concierge Box (Orage) near you and put in the things you do not currently need or want to send to someone right away. We support you in everyday situations as well as at special moments. For example, your grandmother gets her light bulbs that you made quickly during your lunch break, you want to bring some special attention with a personal message to your love person, or you deposit your laptop in one of our Orages bevor after work clubbing and have them delivered to your home later to be able to enjoy your cocktail in the sun. When and where to deliver the content of your Orage-Box you decide, via our web-app, as long as the delivery is in Vienna. We deliver from Monday to Sunday (also on public holidays) from 8am to 10pm. With Delivery One, you can pick up and drop deliveries within Vienna without using an Orage box, but with full 5-star Concierge service.

We want to make your everyday life as easy as possible, you’re completely free in your time management and can meet your appointments on time and at the same time do other tasks to enjoy more free time afterwards. You can find out how our service works under Your Orage! You will always be informed about the rental period and costs while booking an Orage. You can download a practical credit in the amount of 5 Euro to 100 Euro on your user account and use today already your 5-star concierge service in Vienna with same-day delivery to your doorstep. Register now under: Register Now If you are already registered, log in to your account to be informed about your credit, bills and bookings.

Orage4U - Discover your flexibility

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