Book Presentation: Der freie Wille in einer digitalen Welt

Der freie Wille in einer digitalen Welt

Which data will be passed on and which data actually has added value for third parties? How does data collection work and which systems are behind the global players?

Vienna (OTS) - In the book entitled “Der freie Wille in einer digitalen Welt” the question is asked whether accepting the increase of data collection per individual is pushing the limits of tolerance in regard to ethics. Data is provided by people in return for, for example, innovation, convenience or the gathering of information. The control of the data is thus gradually abandoned. This then asks the question of when information is truly private. When may it be shared, and which information should not be shared under any circumstances? At this point, there is a limit which is set by each person under their own subjective perceptions.

Title: Der freie Wille in einer digitalen Welt
Authors: David Ebraheim & Aleksandar Lazic
ISBN: 978-3-200-06423-2

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