Book presentation: Der freie Wille in einer digitalen Welt

Arbeitskreis Industrie 4.0/IoT
Security & Freier Wille in digitaler Welt - Experiment, book and discussion
Sabine M. F.

The book “Der freie Wille in einer digitalen Welt” was the basis for this presentation. It offers an insight into the non-transparent world of the systems that determine and guide us today.
The authors David Ebraheim and Aleksandar Lazic share with us their findings on these important questions:
Which data will be passed on and which data actually has added value for third parties? How does data collection work and which systems are behind the global players?

Time Person Description
16:30 - Networking in the sky lobby on the 12th floor
17:00 Sabine M. Fischer, AK Industrie 4.0/IoT, Markus Kaufmann, VACE HR Consulting Begrüßung Gastgeber
17:35 David Ebraheim, Aleksandar Lazic Discussing free will with the example of WhatsApp: considerations of ethics Summary of the book
17:25 - Start hands-on experiment How data collections are built, how algorithms decide which models, risks and intentions they are behind
18:00 - End of hands-on experiment Preview into the next book
18:30 - Conclusion networking

Title: Der freie Wille in einer digitalen Welt
Authors: David Ebraheim & Aleksandar Lazic
ISBN: 978-3-200-06423-2
Order at:

The two authors are successful entrepreneurs, multiple start-up experienced and active net-workers:

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