We lift companies into the cloud



By combining public, private and multi-clouds, we provide more resilience. To this this, we break down complex IT constructs and increase the processing speed through CI/CD processes for more continuity in your company.

We combine on-prem systems with state-of-the-art cloud technologies or accompany you during the transition to the cloud. In doing so, we take the approach of conserving resources, refining security standards and perfecting availability.

As a full-service provider, we develop architectures, implement systems and enable corporations to make the leap into 24/7 high level availability, in order to be able to offer their customers premium customer service.

Our expertise includes: Microsoft Azure, DevOps, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes and cloud orchestration.

For a state of the art standard, we undergo regular certification in: MS Azure, RedHat Openshift, CPSA, Kubernetes, Terraform, ITIL, SCRUM.

ORAGE supports you in transformation strategies so that the rhythm of progress can be maintained.